How can music be so perfect.
All of the unsaid finds its words,
perfect in expression
so that you can understand.
I am complete.

”Kaisa has a beautiful and strong voice, her singing is very natural and comes from her heart with warmth.”
-Annastiina Tahkola



Ihme joululevy



Samples from Rauha -album.


Rauha -album is out Sep. 17th 2013

Album credits

Kaisa Peni – vocals
Ilia Kalioujnov-Salminen – piano
Mari Lavikainen – vocals Summer Evening’s Gentle Breezes
Recorded at Voikkaa church July 10th – 13th 2013
Recording, mix and edit: Timo Vikman
Mastering: Jp Mönkkönen, Instant Audio Millola
CD manufacturing: Thunder & Lightning Trading Oy
Producer: Kaisa Peni
Photography: Jape Ikonen (except p.2 & p.11 Jenna Peni, p.3 & p. 10 Heikki Tuuli, p.14 Julia Peni, p.15 midd. Kaisa Peni, p.8 bottom Mika Hökkä)
Cover photo: Jenna Peni
Layout & web: Smith Ilari’s forge

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