Kaisa Peni

Kuva: Jenna Peni

Kuva: Jenna Peni


How can music be so perfect.
All of the unsaid finds its words,
perfect in expression
so that you can understand.
I am complete.

”Kaisa has a beautiful and strong voice, her singing is very natural and comes from her heart with warmth.”
-Annastiina Tahkola

Ever since her childhood, music has had a significant role in the life of Kaisa Peni (1978). Even as a small child, singing came naturally and her hands would spontaneously play the keys of the piano.
Since 2003, Kaisa has studied vocal studies at the Northern Kymen School of Music and under private tutelage in Kuopio and Helsinki. At the moment her head instructor is Mari Lavikainen.
Her repertoire includes classical, devotional and newer compositions.
Kaisa has also written the words to several pieces of music.
She has participated in several choirs and has performed as a soloist various times in the Kymenlaakso area.
Her first recording was published in the fall of 2013. The recording has received a very warm welcome and it has been sold abroad.